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9 May 2019 – Specifications of project’s delivery method for the international jewelry contest “BYZANTINE CHARM”

20 May 2019 – Extension to the submission of projects for the International Jewelry Contest “BYZANTINE CHARM”
May 6, 2019
25 June 2019 – Summer University Thessaloniki Program 1/7 – 11/7/2019
June 25, 2019



Since we have received various questions relating to the submission of the final dossiers, designs, jewelry and in order to simplify all the procedures for your convenience, please consider as the final clarifications related to the specific phase of the competition the following:


Projects  must be original designs in 3d


In a large, sealed envelope, which will not mention your name, it will be contained


  1. If the designer presents his drawing in 3D at hand, he must deliver it on a 0,35×0,50cm cardboard which will accompany the design from white A4 paper pages or roses, where there will be the linear technical drawings of the jewelry (face, plan, side views, cuts) and linear details of the fasteners and the connection, as well as the necessary explanations.


  1. If the designer works exclusively with a computer design program, he will present his design as cad files (rhino / matrix, etc.). Optionally, it will print it on 0.35 x 0.50cm paperboard, as above. Projects drawn from design programs are not required to be presented in cardboard. The way they are presented is at the discretion of the candidate.


  • Each project is required to be accompanied by a text with a maximum of 200 words. A source of inspiration for the creation of jewelry must be the Byzantine history and the issues that the Organizing Committee gives to the candidates for jewelry designers


  • Technical information on the construction (grms, degree of metal purity, dimensions, number and carat stone, etc.) must be provided.
  • The materials used for the jewelry
  • Model in silver or wax or resin


A smaller envelope sealed containing the details of the artist’s identity:


  • Presentation of projects with up to 10 photographs / odds. The jewelry must be presented in different angles – renderings (front view, posterior side view, side view and, if necessary, detailed view of the clasps or other special features of the design).


·         Optionally, if there is a possibility of a photo on which the jewelry is worn.


  • Photos must be high resolution. Please, send the photos electronically to cd or flash.


  • In each photo must be written:
  1. The name of the designer / company / jewelry organisation
  2. The title of the jewelry
  3. The date of its design


Each candidate is required to withdraw for the purposes of the competition only one model of silver or resin or candle and the accompanying drawings.


However, the candidate retains the right, in order to support her/his subject, to present more than one project as alternative proposals.


Photo copyright (The copyright of the photo of the design/s and the model/s that you will produce for the manufacture of the finished product is affirmed by the filing of your Affidavit Stating that the design and photo are yours, with the date of manufacture.)


P.S.  for further information, please refer to the Jewelry contest award guidelines